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Babykingclothing boss shoot


Once she became a mother she was not impressed by the selection of clothing that was available for children and decided to use her God given gifts and design pieces for her son Jeremiah. While the popularity of her designs started to unfold she realized that she was on to something big. Fast forward shana decided to leave NYC, and move to Atlanta, GA not only to live out her dream of a fashion designer but to give her son a better life

Once settled in GA, she established BabyKingClothing LLC with her son Jeremiah who was age 8 at the time and taught him the ends and out of being a business owner, and creating his own pieces. Jeremiah at the age of 11 created his own bowtie line and became one of the youngest business owners in GA.  Together they continue to spread the message and reinvent not only themselves but their clothing line. Stay tuned for all the wonderful things to come from this Mom & Son duo.       


BabyQueen originally started off as feature items for baby girls, even though Shana's first love was creating attire for baby boys. Fast forward in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic Shana welcomed her second child Jaliyah Rose, a BABYQUEEN Indeed, not only is she the newest CEO of Babykingclothing LLC but she inspires her mother to expand the brand with a wider variety of girl clothing suitable for royalty and continuing the legacy of ownership.

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